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There is no denying the absolute sense of self-awareness that heralds the beginning of a new relationship.

Imago Relationship Therapy represents the opportunity to regain and maintain that moment of identity when two people realise the greatest blessing gifted the human spirit: love.

Imago Relationship Therapy seeks to release the trapped and troubled souls within a relationship lost in the intensity of modern living. It is a practical approach to redeeming the buried feelings once so profound in the hearts of all who fell in love and have forgotten what it once was like.

The therapy offers resolution by examining the evolution of emotions from childhood through to adult life, seeking to unlock core feelings and beliefs which have blighted honest self awareness and emotional growth.

Here you can find yourself and each other in a safe environment, where you are able to explore your relationship with curiosity and an open mind to understand your reactivity to each other, your confusion, longing and pain.

At Sabine’s London based clinic, you will be coached to communicate as a couple using the Imago dialogue which will enable you to hear, mirror and discover each other in a new way of being together, inviting respect and love, and even romance.