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Imago Relationship Therapy with Sabine Young

It is likely that you would not be looking at Sabine’s website right now unless you had some thought or idea that you would like to make changes in your relationship:

• Do you experience frequent and repetitive drama in your close partnerships?

• Do relatively insignificant disagreements often trigger arguments and emotional pain?

• Do you sometimes feel like throwing in the towel?

• Do you dream of having power, passion and purpose in your relationship?

• Do you want to understand the unconscious forces that influence romantic attraction?

• Do you desire to become so connected that your thoughts, feelings and actions can make your relationship a success?

Energy Flows Where Attention Goes

Become aware of how Imago Relationship Therapy can take you through an experiential, inspirational and focussed process into new ways of thinking, feeling and taking action – which will make positive change possible for you, not only in your partnership, but in all of your relationships.

Motion Creates Emotion

You will find that by changing the way you behave in your relationship, you will feel that your power, your purpose, your passion and your increased energy are motivating you to create the relationship you desire!

If you want change in your relationship, behave differently. By changing your behavior, you can make your relationship extraordinary. Do it now. Contact Sabine at her London based practice. It is your future in the making!

Now you can take the first steps on your journey to creating a loving relationship, a metaphorical voyage of opportunity, of adventure, of exploration, to find the land where you can use your hidden map of self-awareness to discover the secret treasure of a successful relationship.

About Imago Relationship Therapy

Imago Relationship Therapy is an exponential approach to changing the way in which we behave and act in our relationships. It was conceived by Dr Harville Hendrix who developed this practical, experiential therapy into a most powerful and highly effective process, which has helped people worldwide to create happy and valuable relationships.

He introduced many of the Imago concepts and procedures in his book ‘Getting the Love you Want’. The main focus is on re-connecting partners by listening to each other with curiosity and interest in order to break basic ego patterns of ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

They then have the choice of responding and acting from conscious curiosity and interest, rather than reacting with a defensive, and often seemingly aggressive, adapted behavior which is based on unconscious emotional pain carried from the past.

‘Getting the Love you Want’, together with his many other books, has established Harville Hendrix as one of the world’s best selling authors on relationships. Today, thousands of people worldwide have found an Imago Relationship Therapist to help them rebuild their lives, by transforming their relationship from anger and frustration into a loving, fulfilling and enlightened experience.

If, however, the union is considered irredeemable it remains possible to separate with clarity, acceptance and dignity whilst remaining responsible, respectful, unified and loving parents to their children.

Sabine offers Imago Relationship Therapy at her London based clinic.