Psychotherapy with Sabine Young

Transpersonal Psychotherapy

This therapy is a rite of transformation, where the greatest healing occurs when we follow the path of our heart, the path of the soul. Psychotherapy literally means ‘healing the soul’, through the process of self-awareness, by initiating the recovery from within and developing our personal strengths and resources, by finding in ourselves the means we need to discover our own destiny.

The Transpersonal is taking the journey beyond, into our unconscious, into the collective unconscious and all that is; beyond our five senses and our cognition into the possibility to recognise the unrecognisable.

As a Transpersonal Psychotherapist, Sabine Young provides a safe and confidential space at her London practice for her clients so that they can explore their feelings concerning any problems and difficulties they experience; that they have a chance to look at obstacles as opportunities for growth and discover solutions are possible. They can change the way they feel i.e. turning depression, anxiety and stress into experiences of joy, love and happiness.

Counselling and Psychotherapy

The psychotherapeutic space facilitates non-judgmental containment and security, where you can explore and understand how you react to the world based on your early experiences in, and adaptive behaviours to, your family of origin.

And how these behaviours, which were appropriate then, may continue to influence your life today; you can verify if they still serve you in your present way of relating to your world or whether they keep you in a state of feeling small and powerless.

Psychotherapy encourages the process of growing up and learning how to parent yourself with love and empathy for yourself and your shortcomings, recognising the opposite of those shortcomings as the qualities you want to develop in yourself. When you realise your birthright is to be yourself – and yourself alone – then you can move into authenticity and empowerment, enabling you to feel safe in relational interactions and respond to others from a place of strength and autonomy.

Imago Relationship Therapy Consulting (Supervision)

Sabine provides regular one-to-one and group supervision for UK Imago therapists and trainees. She makes the same consultancy available for those based outside of the UK by telephone or video/media linked arrangements. For more information contact Sabine.

Sabine offers psychotherapy at her London based clinic.